Elementor includes a unique feature called Global Widgets that allows users to save sections or elements as templates for use on other web pages. Any modifications made will automatically reflect across your site where these global widgets have been placed.

Link a text style with a global color so that when you change its hue, the changes will apply across your website’s instances of this text style.

The Elementor Admin Panel

Global widgets are preset widgets you can reuse across pages on your website, saving time when editing content and design for all pages at once.

Your admin panel’s Global Widgets tab displays all of the global widgets you have saved. Each global widget comes equipped with its own shortcode which you can copy and paste directly into a WordPress post or page editor for use.

To create a global widget in Elementor, simply select an existing element and click the “Save as Global” button on the right side of the panel. Give your new global widget a name before saving. When saved, your global widget will appear in the Global Widgets library adjacent to Elements tab for easy dragging into editing canvas for editing purposes (for instance editing text style’s typography options or changing its name (Primary->Main or Accent->Accent). It will reflect these changes wherever this font style has been used!

The Elementor Side Panel

Elementor allows you to create global widgets that you can reuse across web pages and WordPress sidebar, footer and single post page widget areas. For instance, you could define a role divider as one such global widget and then reuse it anywhere across your website.

Customize the colors of a global widget by changing its primary, secondary, text, and accent colors. To do so, click on the swatch to choose from among available colors or enter its hex code directly.

Global Widgets provide an efficient way of saving and using customized widget styles and content on any page without recreating or manually editing their elements or contents. Available with Elementor Pro, this feature saves both time and effort when building websites, since any changes made to a global widget will be applied across your entire site instantly.

The Elementor Widgets Tab

Once a widget has been saved as global it will appear in your left-hand backend Elementor panel and can be easily added to any pages on your website – including ones not editable with Elementor – but any time its content changes it must be edited on every individual page it is used on.

WordPress allows you to incorporate global widgets into sidebars, footers, and single post page widget areas by selecting the GLOBAL tab on the left panel.

The Elementor Elements Tab

Global widgets allow you to quickly set the design and content of your entire website at once, which can come in very handy if you need to edit multiple pages with similar designs.

If you have an extensive website with lots of content, it can be challenging to maintain consistent designs across each page. That is where Elementor global widgets come into play.

Time and effort savings will result from not repeating yourself on each page, enabling you to build and edit your website faster.

Assuming you need a testimonial section for your business that needs to be used on multiple web pages, time-saving measures include editing it once on one of these web pages and clicking pencil icon to save as global widget.

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