Tabs are an effective way to organize content and provide users with an intuitive user experience. They can be utilized in many different ways – from creating post grids to displaying an accordion of FAQs.

The Tabs widget enables you to instantly modify the layout and styles of tab titles and content. Furthermore, responsive settings allow you to specify at which breakpoint the accordion style tabs should display as accordions.

Adding a tab

Tabs are an efficient way to organize content and enhance user experience on your website, without forcing visitors to scroll endlessly for information. With Elementor Tabs widget you can add both vertical and horizontal tabs that provide easy access.

Starting is simple with page builders: simply launch, select Tabs from the left dashboard, and use the + Add Item button to add new tabs. Once created, simply enter their content and customize their settings as necessary.

Within the settings for a tab, you can customize its type (horizontal or vertical), icon and layout display. Additionally, you can set its index number or use custom navigation element selectors such as #tab-1 to select it directly in navigation elements such as Google. Furthermore, at which breakpoints the tab will switch into accordion mode.

Adding a title

Tab sections are an efficient way of providing visitors with lots of information in a compact space, while making navigation simpler for them. With HT Mega Elementor’s tab widget you can add horizontal or vertical tab sections easily.

To add tabs in Elementor, open its left-side panel and choose the “Tabs” widget. From here you can customize its contents and set either vertical or horizontal tabs as well as modify their layout or set their default title from “Tab Title.”

Simply click on the “Edit” button in the right sidebar, which will bring up a menu editor, where you can make adjustments such as font size, color and alignment for text settings; additionally add background images/icons, modify padding/margins etc. General Settings also allows for you to make these modifications easily.

Adding content

Tabs are an effective way of organizing content on a WordPress website, saving space while encouraging visitors to interact with it and providing you with a quick way to present a lot of data in an easily consumable format.

To add content to a vertical tab widget, click its right arrow and choose ‘Add Content’ from the drop-down list. Choose from Font Awesome icons, images or even Lottie animation for animation effects – you can even edit active/hover settings of tab content!

Customize the style of your tab by setting its margins and paddings; these settings may be declared in pixels, percentage or em. Additionally, its title can be customized via typography, text shadow and color settings – you can even set a box shadow description of it! Finally, customize its header.

Adding a link

Tabs are an effective way of organizing content on websites and make browsing sections much simpler for visitors without needing to navigate or scroll down the entire page. Elementor makes adding vertical tabs effortless using its Tabs widget.

Your tab title color and content colors can also be customized to meet the branding of your site, with backgrounds uploaded for tabs as well as font sizes and icon sizes customized as per individual tab. Furthermore, font styles are available under Advanced Settings Menu Fonts option for easy selection.

The Plus Addons for Elementor Tabs/Tours widget enables you to quickly and effortlessly create unique-looking horizontal and vertical tabs in no time. You can even make them responsive across screen sizes by setting Place Content Below Tab on Screen under Option, plus add a Swiper Effect as desired!

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