Can you take this challenge? It is a matter of courage and passion to set a great website less than ten minutes. Well, you will also need a watch and high-speed internet connection for setting up your Joomla site.

The Practice Session

Take this practice session as seriously as you take your baseball ones. This session will help you in keeping yourself ready with all needed stuffs before the starting of countdown. So, you should collect all knowledge related to Joomla development before showing the green signal to your 10 minutes Joomla development challenge. FYI, Joomla is an extremely user-friendly web content management system, which is available under open source label. Thus, you can get this version from the official website of this open source project.

In your first minute, you need to unzip the downloaded version of Joomla. After unzipping the version of Joomla, you can open your FTP client and upload all of unzipped files in a particular directory of your host. In case of uploading online, you should upload the contents of unzipped file in Joomla directory in public directory.

Post Script: The downloaded Joomla version should be latest in line.

Second Minute

In your second minute, you should set the file permission for the configuration.php file to 666. Apart from this, you should also choose the desired language of your CMS tool in this minute. Language selection will take few seconds.

Third Minute

In this minute, you should view the check pages. The view check pages step will let you know about the compatibility of your computing device for such speedy development of Joomla. In your way of installation, you will have to create a blank configuration.php file and save in Joomla_root/directory. It will crop up the issue of unwriteable configuration.php file.

Fourth Minute

In your fourth minute, you need to read the license and accept the same for going further. Further, you should take entry into database with real username and passwords. In case, you do not have the same then you should not take entry in the .DB extension.

Fifth Minute

In case, you are not using Windows then you need to create a FTP layer for file modification and enabling Joomla in your website. While using windows, you do not need to take any such steps and can save this minute.

Sixth Minute

In your sixth minute, you will reach at the level of main configuration, which is quite impressive. You need to give a name to your website (this name will be changeable). You should give the name admin for super administrator. You can change the password of your site. Though, you should write it down at somewhere for your reference.

Seventh Minute

In your seventh minute, you need to leave the file permission in their default pattern by leaving Don’t CHMOD files checked. Later on, you should click on the button called install sample data for finishing the configuration.

Eighth Minute

In your eighth minute, you should delete the installation directory. However, this directory should be in your local hard disk.

Ninth Minute

In this minute, you need to copy the configuration.php file in Joomla directory in case that prompts.

Tenth Minute

Eventually, you will be able to login in the admin section of your site. You need to follow the link for reaching on the step of putting your credentials.

You will get charged with excitement on achieving success in setting up your Joomla site in just 10 minutes. You can really set up a Joomla file in less than ten minutes. Though, you will need a FTP client, a web host with PHP & MySQL database, and a challenging attitude to get this tough job done in less than 10 minutes. In case, you are facing repetitive errors then you can hire Joomla Programmer for easy and lucid development.

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