The number of people who have been exposed to your brand will determine how many people are aware of your business as a whole and the products you sell. The greater brand awareness you can establish, the more traffic you are going to bring through to your website and the more sales you are going to achieve as a result.

An important part of creating this brand exposure is through effective social media management. Regularly using these various social media platforms will allow you to attract new followers, engage with customers and inform people about the various products and promotions you are running.

Even if you don’t have much experience running a social media campaign, there are a few simple things you can do to help improve your business brand. While there are a number of different social media sites, the two you want to focus most of your attention on are Facebook and Twitter as these are the two platforms with the highest traffic levels.


Follow Backs

One of the easiest ways to generate followers is to simply start following people yourself. There are literally millions of people all in the same boat of trying to get as many followers as they possibly can. As a way of thanking you for following them, they will generally follow you. Although you want to try and get as many followers and possible, you don’t just want to follow anyone and everyone. For the purposes of your business you want to try and keep that professional image and should only follow people who are related to the products and services your business provides. However, you should generally stay away from following your rival competitors. All this is going to do is expose them to your follower base.


Hashtags are pretty much the bread and butter of Twitter. Hashtags allow users to group a tweet to a specific topical category. This then allows your tweet to be seen by the all people who have chosen to view all tweets containing this hashtag. The benefit of this is that it will help increase the exposure of your tweet as they will be seem by people outside of your followers.

The hashtags you use could be pretty much up to you, but for the purposes of your business and staying topical, you should look to use ones which are related to your business and are currently trending. If you are unsure as to which tags are trending, you can view them on your profile page.

Follow Friday

Follow Friday is a Twitter stable that is carried out every Friday by users all over the world. The idea behind it is that you are able to promote some of your followers who post interesting content to everyone else who follows you. This allows more people to be aware of this person, increasing their exposure and getting some new followers in the process.

To take part in Follow Friday, you would create a new tweet that would include the hashtag “#FF” and the usernames of all the followers you want to help promote.

You may think this is a selfless act, but the idea behind it is to try and reap the benefits for yourself. Positing an #FF tweet that includes the profile names of some of your followers creates the opportunity for your tweet to be retweeted by them. This then allows you to have your post seen by their followers, helping to get yourself some new followers.

Direct Messages

When you set up your profile, you can create a direct message that will be sent out to each of your new followers. The message could include anything you like, but from a business perspective they should include information about your business and your web address along with the polite thank you for the follow.

While it may not seem like much, this message creates the first initial contact between yourself and the follower while also providing a way for this follower to travel through to your website.


Visual Content

While you can post images on Twitter, Facebook’s newsfeed allows you to gain that exposure you require as the image is already open, rather than the user having to click on the link to open it up.

Placing these images on your Facebook page on a regular basis allow you to keep your fans informed, providing them with all the information they need about any new products you’ve added to your store as well as any offers and promotions you are running.

When adding these images, it’s important to include an external URL with the post. This generally should be a landing page on your website. Including this link gives users direct access to your website, rather than having to enter the web address manually themselves.    

Customer Interaction

While this is something that can also be done over Twitter, you will find that the majority of people will leave the feedback on your Facebook wall. This could be a comment regarding a post, an enquiry about an order or a review of your business. Whatever the message, you need to make sure that you always respond in a timely and professional manner. The top rated smo company in Delhi has managed to get good user interaction on its social profiles.

If you don’t respond to a post or respond in a negative attitude, this is going to affect your brand image as your message isn’t just going to be seen by the person who left the message, but everyone else who views your Facebook page. If a perspective customer lands on your page looking for information and views your negative response, it is going to put them off from actually going through to your website to make a purchase.

Likes & Shares

Likes & shares are to Facebook what retweets are to Twitter. Creating engaging content that encourages users to like and share the posts are going to play a pivotal role in being able to increase your overall exposure and generate new fans. When it comes to Facebook, getting one like can give your Facebook page a substantial lift. To put this into some sort of statistical context, if you post a status that manages to get one like by someone who has 500 friends, it means that your post is going to be exposed to these 500 individuals through the likers newsfeed. This is a huge number of people that are instantly exposed to your brand. If you get a few likes on a status, you can see how quickly your brand can gain exposure, allowing your business to be seen by thousands in a matter of minutes.