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Looking To Gain More Readers For Your Blog? Read This


If you run or are thinking of starting a blog then you’ll know that the most important aspect is the readers. Without them, your site is basically redundant. Getting a bigger audience now will help grow your readership for the future and also opens up new doors for monetisation and bigger projects.

Trying to obtain new readers can feel like a scary and daunting prospect. However, as long as your passion shines through, there is no reason that you can’t gain a healthy share of the market. After all, there are literally millions of people online at any given moment.

Writing about what you love is key, but there are plenty more factors to help your blog shine. These tips should see yours stand out from the crowd.

Good Design

Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. The key to reading a blog is that it should be a leisurely activity. Having difficulties making sense of the website layout is one of the biggest turnoffs for any visitor.

Simplicity is key here. As long as posts are easily accessed then the layout is fine. Also, it’s important to choose an agreeable colour scheme as this can set the tone for your blog.

Regular Content

Another key factor is a regular flow of content. Nobody is going to keep reading the same four articles over and over, you simply must update your blog at least once every few days.

It doesn’t matter if you’re aiming for insight of humour, a steady stream of content is king.

Make It Interactive

Blogging is different to writing in other forms. One of the chief variations is that your work is open to comment and debate. You should definitely look to make the most of this opportunity.

There are several ways to make content encourage interaction from your users. Essentially, if you make them feel like they’re having a say then they’ll be far more inclined to visit again.

Utilise Online Marketing

Your blog is essentially an online business. It would therefore be criminal not to utilise internet marketing to your full advantage.

Millions of people access social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook every single day and these are great resources for you to build your readership. Successful online marketing will recruit new members whilst it’s also a great way to make them feel appreciated, which can only promote increased participation.

Be Visible

If people can’t find your website then the chances of them reading it are zero. Make yours visible or else you’ll be destined to fail.

If you aren’t an expert yourself then companies like White Chalk Road SEO & Online Marketing can provide services to boost your blog’s ranking on search engines like Google and Bing, which will make it far easier for people to find and visit your site.

Be Involved

The blogging community could be our key to success and participating in it can bring huge rewards for your site.

Trading guest posts is a great way to swap links and recruit new readers, whilst you can also bounce ideas of other bloggers to improve your site. In fact, you may even be able to collaborate on ideas together.

Some would see other bloggers as competition. On the contrary, they are your biggest asset.



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