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Assuming you’re already familiar with CSS, this guide will show you how to optimize your WooCommerce CSS with WP Rocket. By doing this, you can improve the loading speed of your WooCommerce pages, as well as make sure that they look great on all devices.

First off, you need to install and activate WP Rocket. For more details on how to do this, please see our other guide. Once you’ve done that, come back here and we’ll get started.

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > WP Rocket. On the tab labeled “CSS & JS”, scroll down to the section labeled “CSS Minification”. You will see three options here:

“Combine and minify files” will combine all of your WooCommerce CSS into one file, and then minify that file. This is the recommended option, as it can reduce the size of your CSS by up to 70%.

“Minify files” will minify all of your WooCommerce CSS files individually. This option can also reduce the size of your CSS by up to 70%.

“Optimize CSS delivery” will load only the necessary CSS on each page. For example, if a visitor is only viewing a product page, they don’t need to download the CSS for your blog or other pages. This option can save even more bandwidth than minification alone.

Choose the option that you want and then click “Save changes”. That’s it!

How to Optimize WooCommerce CSS with WP Rocket

No matter how well-optimized your WooCommerce store is, there’s always room for improvement. One area that can often be overlooked is optimizing your CSS.

While CSS may not seem like a big deal, it can actually have a significant impact on your page load times. The reason for this is that CSS is render-blocking. This means that the browser has to wait until all of the CSS has been downloaded before it can start rendering the page.

The good news is that there are a few ways to optimize your CSS so that it doesn’t slow down your pages. One of the best ways to do this is with WP Rocket, a powerful caching and performance plugin.

WP Rocket provides a number of features that can help speed up your WooCommerce store, including options to minify and combine your CSS files. By doing this, WP Rocket can reduce the size of your CSS files and make them load faster.

In addition to minifying and combining CSS files, WP Rocket can also inline critical CSS and load non-critical CSS asynchronously. Inlining critical CSS means that the browser won’t have to wait for all of the CSS to be downloaded before it starts rendering the page. This can make a big difference in page load times.

Loadiing non-critical CSS asynchronously means that the browser can start rendering the page even if some of the CSS hasn’t been fully downloaded yet. This also helps to speed up page load times.

Overall, WP Rocket is a great plugin for optimizing your WooCommerce store. Its features for minifying and combining CSS files, as well as inlining and loading CSS asynchronously, can help to significantly reduce page load times on your WooCommerce store.

Benefits of Optimizing WooCommerce CSS

There are many benefits to optimizing your WooCommerce CSS with WP Rocket. One of the most important is that it can help improve your website’s performance. By minifying and compressing your CSS files, you can reduce the amount of time it takes for your pages to load. This can be a significant improvement for visitors who are using slower internet connections.

In addition to improving performance, optimizing your WooCommerce CSS can also help save space on your server. This is because the compressed files take up less room than the originals. If you have a limited amount of storage space, this can be a crucial advantage.

Finally, optimizing your WooCommerce CSS can also improve your website’s security. By minifying your CSS files, you make it more difficult for attackers to injected malicious code into them. This can help protect your site from being hacked and keep your data safe.


WP Rocket is an incredibly powerful tool for optimizing the CSS of your WooCommerce store. With its simple setup, you can make sure that your site loads faster, resulting in improved customer experience and better search engine rankings. Additionally, WP Rocket also provides caching options to ensure that your visitors have a consistently smooth shopping experience. We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding how to optimize your WooCommerce CSS with WP Rocket!

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