For a website to achieve its ultimate goal it should capture the attention of the users in the first ten seconds of their visit, which is why strategies to awaken and maintain the user’s interest from the outset, are vital to a business in the network.

That your company has an online presence is important but so is the design and navigability of your website. Here are some tips to help you when creating your website.


It is important that you are clear about the aim of your site. What audience is you headed? Why visit to your website? What content it offers them? This information will allow you to generate some guidelines on the line in the design and focus of your site, the answers will help you keep clear the main objective of the company.

The power of names

A powerful, innovative and fun title will attract the interest of the people, which will increase the chances of purchasing products or services.

Note that the name should be short, to express a concept and that is related to the services you offer.

Graphic Design

Having previously selected the name, the content you offer them and the audience to be targeted, the ideas concerning the design of the web flow more easily.

Simplicity, creativity and speed. A site based on simplicity and elegance, pleasing to the eye colors and texts accompanied by appropriate size for reading, generates great business opportunities. Graphic design is the face of your site so it should be left to professionals.

Charging time

Users have hundreds of links that vie for your attention, if your page takes more than 15 seconds to load you can be sure that the visits not pass on the main page.

In Internet competition never sleeps, so it is imperative that you do not waste the time that devotes a user to your site, it’s best to make sure the pages are graphically order to be light weight in your site.

Curiosity killed the cat

Awaken interest is giving your visitors what they are looking for, but in a novel way , do not offer the same as your competition, jump from the typical ideas and present fresh and original content , offer what  they are looking for but in a way that only you can offer.

Accuracy in content

Clarity and simplicity, nothing more effective. When somebody enters your site there must be no doubts about the services you offer, if you give input to doubts the users will leave without turning back.


Constantly renews the content of your site . There is something that generates more rejection from a user to visit a website and find the same information that had read months before.

With these tips you will get awaken and catch the interest of the visitor from the first time they encounter with your website and that will increase your chances of sales.

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