Social media has altered the perception of SEO and digital marketing. With Google adopting the new strategy, the search plus your world, as one of major aspects in ranking signals, social media is suddenly gaining rapid importance from bloggers and internet marketers alike. With the help of promotions, these digital marketing companies are actually stressing on the importance of promotions through this platform. One time, traffic was only generated with the help of these search engines, but since the viability if the readers consider the website, they provide reliable solutions thereby making the blogs became an important tool. Combining blogging and social media, the content could be shared faster as these social platforms tapped into the potential of being easily connected with users worldwide.

As the blogger of the website, the first milestone is already achieved and now, with the social media presence one can actually leverage the power of the sites and convert them into profits. From the perspective of any blog site, it will be equal to driving more readers and converting them into subscribers. From the viewpoint of the brand, important feedback is generated in the social media platforms. Once the trust is established, the conversion from leads to sales is easier.

Importance of Social Media Marketing for a Blogger

Sometimes, with the host of social media platforms available, it becomes really difficult for the sites to use them for promotion. However, from the standpoint of the author of the blogger, promotion in these websites can actually drive in more traffic. For example, if the blog is about SEO & SMO News & Articles the following are some of advantages:

  • Free and Forte Oriented traffic: There are tones of social bookmarking website, however, through these tools, there are number of users that can be transformed into being targeted visitors and eventually subscribers.
  • Improve Google PR and Alexa Rank: All social bookmarking websites is give due diligence by Alexa Rank. Once the blog site is linked with these websites, the SERP is bettered, and PR is improved as they are the ones that have high authoritative value among search engines.
  • Improved popularity: Most of these websites have their method to vote and rank, and only when the content is good, then the blogs will achieve its desired objectives. This will result in more traffic.
  • Cheap platform: Most of the social media platforms are free , however with the help of targeting advertisements, one can always expect the desired readers, in this case, people who want to know more about SEO, SMO and PPC.

Advantages for the blog

Social Media remains the effective tool for business blogs also, as the business will get brand presence.

  • Get Higher Page Ranks and SERPs: A partial importance is parted to these websites. The main purpose remains better results for the users, and since these blogs are in social media, they have the chance of becoming viral. This helps the search engine bots to tract easily. The Google plus profile is an influential search factor.
  • When advertising in social media platforms, one helps in bettering the crawling of the blog posts. This further helps in deep indexing of the website.
  • Domination of the brand name: Lastly, at the social media platforms, one has the chance to dominate the world as a brand.

Blogging is not limited to providing information like SEO & SMO News & Articles.It is also about sharing the valuable insight and make people more aware of the happenings in the world. Even if the prime motto is drive traffic, through the collaboration of SEO and social media, the blogging can actually attain the necessary results even as a brand.

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