Pay per Click (PPC) is a digital marketing process that focuses on advertising and click-through rates. An advert is placed-generally in a search engine result in which the location of the advert is paid for. On Google, this is done through paying for specific phrases and managing a daily budget. When the advert is clicked on, then the business has the opportunity to convert into a sale and thus start to get a return on its investment.

As a singular digital marketing process, PPC is valuable considering its capability for finding leads.  For websites that achieve high click-through rates then the advert is successful at attracting visitors. Selection of the right terms to advertise on will give you the opportunity for searchers to see your advert and then if the advert is appealing, they can then click on the advert.

The search engines use PPC as a major income stream. The advertiser needs to identify relevant search terms.  You need to monitor your campaign as search terms change and you need to change price bidding for positions to maintain the appropriate return on investment. A problem with many PPC ads is that the ad could be too broad.

For example, if your ad has a term that is broad such as printing, then you the search engine in which the ad is on could gain results from any known location where printing is relevant from. By putting a location with the term, then the search engine will recognise this and will only focus on displaying the ad in relevant results that people search for.

PPC has been introduced in social media albeit rather loosely. For Facebook, there is a daily budgeting option in which depending on the amount selected will get different amounts of likes and visitors. It has been noted though that careful consideration of the Facebook ads can be equally as profitable as PPC ads on Google for example. On average, Facebook ads cost a fifth less to run than Google ad words.

Overall, PPC ads can be extremely profitable for businesses that operate them. When correctly managed, these ads can be placed within various search queries to target a large audience. By targeting a larger audience, the potential results from the PPC ads can be maximised much more.

Facebook, arguably the chief social media website has its own PPC system and when managed correctly, the results can be on a similar level to Google Adwords. By using both systems, businesses can begin to generate effective advertisements for their business.

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