It is true that anybody can create presence on the Internet. With the help of many free website templates online, building your own website is as easy as using a word processor. But the problem is the way you will publish the website on the World Web. This is actually where web hosting firms come in. The work of a web host is to rent you space and offer you services that are necessary for others to view your website on the Internet. To make sure that your site will not encounter any technical problems, a web host works 24/7. This is to ensure that all people around the world can access your website at any time of the day or night.

There are thousands of web-hosting companies that offer hosting services to website owners. With so many choices around, it can be very difficult to tell which company is the most reliable. You can find free web-hosting companies online as well as the paid ones. These companies offer a multitude of services that can actually be confusing to beginners. This article gives you an overview of what web hosting is, and how to go about choosing the best company to host your website.

To begin with, you should decide whether you are going for a free or paid web host. There are plenty of companies that offer free hosting. You may wonder why many people go for the paid ones. Remember the adage that you get what you pay for. In web-hosting, when you pay no coin for the services being rendered you may end up getting inferior services.
Most of the free web hosting companies offer limited services. Although they will not charge you anything to host your website, they still need to generate income. They do this by placing some advertisements on your website. You may probably have no control of which ads will show up on your site. It is just a matter of either you take it or leave it.

Free hosting can be a good option if at all you are building your first website, and just want to familiarize yourself with how sites are hosted. You can try with a small personal page that you want to share with friends or family. Do not be surprised if you experience a lot of downtime when trying free web-hosting. Remember that most of the free web hosts do not have enough resources and equipment to offer reliable up-time.

If you are using free web host, ensure that you always have a backup for your data and files. This is because you can easily lose them. You should not use a free web hosting service as storage for your files. This is because they lack resources to support this and there are no backup guarantees. You should keep a current copy of your files, photos, and other important website materials.

Additionally, free web hosts restrict the content you place on your website. Sometimes you may not be permitted to sell things or include some contents like music and videos. New firms that offer free web hosting services erupt almost every day. When your free host company vanishes, it means that your site vanishes too.

If you seriously want to have your website hosted, it is important to use a reliable web host. Go for paid services. Prices range significantly. There are companies that offer as low as $2 a month while others charge even up to $50 or more. You should be very careful when making your choice based on price. This is because high rates do not always translate to high quality service. There are some low-priced firms that offer excellent hosting service.

In general, the more you pay for a service the more you get. High rates can bring you more storage space and bandwidth. This can enable your site to handle Internet traffic and extra services such as email accounts, databases, and mass mailers. High rates also mean excellent technical service suppose you encounter problems with your site.

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