It is always intimidating to do things for the very first time.  Even when you “seem” to know most by word-of-mouth, WordPress blogging could still rattle your ship’s planks.  Fortunately, launching the first sail is possible, as is traversing smooth.

To make way for a smoother sailing, newbie WordPress bloggers must orient themselves with some of its essential aspects.

Theme: Fun starts now!

One of the very first things to consider upon creating your blog is the theme.  WordPress proffers several free and premium themes – each of which showcases a different feel, visual texture, and unique functions.

Another distinguishing trait for most themes is the ease or difficulty by which bloggers may tweak or customize.  This trait, however, is highly relative to the blogger’s skills; it involves confidence and a little bit of experimentation.

To be able to pick the desired theme, bloggers must resort to visualizing their ideal theme.  They may start by enlisting their preferred widgets and features.  Next, they may give this a visual spin, sketching those listed features in paper.

Using their drafted design, bloggers may start hunting an exact or similar theme design.  All themes provide a Preview option (right beside the Activate button).  Use this to obtain a much accurate assessment of each tested theme.

Don’t worry about not picking the ideal theme.  At the early stage of your WordPress blogging, take your theme as your ‘working theme.’  Try not to take so much fuss about it; otherwise, you might fail to move to the next procedure.

Profile: Who am I?

Preparing your public profile is easy-peasy with an existing profile.  Those who already have profiles may simply copy-paste it, or tweak it a bit.  If the created WordPress blog serves a different purpose or audience, bloggers might want to tweak their profile to the extent of showing a relatable side in the blogger (and not to overhaul the whole profile).

First-time bloggers who happen to be creating their first blog via the WordPress platform could use their social media accounts in shaping up their public profile.  On the other hand, some bloggers might have tons of ideas and details to add; take a deep breath and try to control the urge to manufacture a hodgepodge of a profile.

Instead of writing in a reckless rampage, list (again) these details.  Group your hobbies together, your occupation, your causes, and beliefs together.  Attempt to make a coherent string of profile statements.  And don’t forget to check and re-check it.

Like the theme, your public profile may also be treated as a ‘working’ profile.  It may change any time soon.  Yet, try not to make abrupt or significant changes on it, as this may rouse your viewers’ suspicion or reflect an incoherent image of you.

Features: Tweak it

The wide-ranging features of your WordPress blog is scattered among 12 categories: Dashboard, Store, Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments, Feedback, Appearance, Users, Tools, and the Settings.

These categories, in turn, hold various features.  Getting sufficiently comfy to maneuver through these may take some time – unless for some features which can also be found in other blogs and hold the same function.

Among these features, bloggers are most likely to rave for the Ratings (Feedback) and the Widgets (Appearance).  These are important features as they permit your audience or readers to interact with you by providing a blog-post evaluation via those five stars.  The Widgets, on the other hand, empowers them to share, tweet, or blast around the greatness of your posts.

The real beginning

Theme, public profile and features – these are three of the major aspects every newbie WordPress blogger needs to cover.  Bloggers may choose to establish content through posts or mini-posts after the whole spicing up.

But they may also alternately post content whilst doing all the tweaking.  For content ideas, do check out the (particularly, its Blog section) or prepare a topic-calendar.

Author Bio: Manuela Theissen is a budding blogger, a mother of three, and a terrific herb gardener.  She also does coach-writing at her local community service.

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