A website is often defined by how it is designed. A simple but well-designed website can easily get regular visitors especially if the site effectively achieves its goal whether it is to provide information, online service, a marketplace, or some other objective related to a company product or service.

Although a well-designed website may get regular and constant online traffic, there has to be adequate SEO efforts to increase the site’s visibility to potential visitors. Many website owners get both webdesign and SEO from a single company to ensure that both of these aspects are aligned together.

Still, the first thing that a visitor would notice upon loading a website is the web design. This is why it is important that your website is well designed and without any of the web design don’ts below.

  • Majority of the page are ads. Almost every website has an ad or two on it but putting too many ads is in bad taste.The people who visit your website are not there for the ads even if it is for web design; they are there for the information or service that you provide. Having too many ads on your website can easily make your visitor lose interest and not want to visit your site again.
  • Long paragraphs and a lot of text.Content is king, that’s for sure, but there is a way of presenting content that is easy on both the eyes and mind. Make sure that any text you want to put on your website is separated into short, readable paragraphs and that there are appropriate images and illustrations to accompany it.
  • Keyword stuffing. Most websites target specific keywords for their SEO efforts but it does not mean you should put as many keywords as you can all over your website. There is a thing called keyword stuffing which could get your website penalized instead of ranking.
  • Bad navigation. Your website visitors should not spend minutes trying to figure out how to find what they need. It is best if everything you can provide to your visitors is accessible in just one or two clicks. Do not make them maneuver aimlessly through your website; make sure you have a set of navigation that is clear, simple, and straightforward.
  • Takes too long to load. With the speed of most internet connection nowadays, a website should not take more than a few seconds to load. Otherwise, your visitor might decide to look for the information, product, or service that they are looking for elsewhere.

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