Weebly offers comprehensive customer support via email and live chat, in addition to an expansive knowledge base. Unfortunately, however, phone support isn’t an option.

Weebly offers several payment gateways, such as Stripe and PayPal. With Stripe you can offer one-time payments, subscription payments and custom donation amounts; your customers remain on your site during checkout process!


No matter if you’re selling physical or digital products, services, memberships or accepting donations, Weebly makes accepting online credit card payments easy with its Stripe integration – creating checkout forms accessible across desktop and mobile devices while protecting shoppers’ financial data – this software also meets PCI compliance so their transactions will remain safe.

PayPal is an incredibly popular payment processing system, boasting over 55 percent market share in mid-20. Customers tend to trust it more, so using it shows your commitment and builds customer trust. Unfortunately, using PayPal means having your customers leave your website altogether to complete their purchases; this may lead to frustration for users and eventual abandonment.

Stripe provides users with global currencies and payment methods from around the world, as well as several security features that protect against malware and fraudsters. SSL encryption comes standard on all plans; their security team actively monitors customer websites for malicious activity; they respond swiftly when any issues arise; additionally they offer risk assessment tools which help users to identify high-risk transactions to reduce exposure to fraud.


Stripe was established in 2011 to help businesses accept credit card payments online or offline. Their cloud-based infrastructure is designed for reliability, scalability and security; their developer API enables easy integration into websites or apps; plus they offer features like recurring payments and fraud prevention.

Stripe’s service is completely free to use and does not charge fees for setup, cancellation or account maintenance. In addition, extensive documentation and support for developers are also offered free. It makes an ideal option for small business owners looking to accept payments on their website – supporting several payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, American Express Maestro Discover JCB Apple Pay payments as well as multiple currencies.

Stripe can also be integrated with card readers and POS software for use at point of sale locations, and linked directly with bank accounts allowing you to sell products and services whenever they arise. This gives you complete flexibility and freedom when it comes to selling them anywhere at anytime!

While Stripe can be an efficient payment gateway, it may not be suitable for high-risk merchants due to its flat rate pricing structure and higher risk of account holds and freezes that could threaten cash flow for certain merchants.


Weebly offers various ways of integrating payment processors such as Stripe and PayPal into its platform. To begin the integration process, log into your dashboard and select “Checkout”, followed by one of the three checkout options displayed there.

PayPal may be the go-to payment processor, but it might not be ideal for all businesses. PayPal’s brand recognition can convey trust with customers; however, its use requires them to leave your site before concluding a sale. If this is important to your business, consider integrating Stripe instead.

Stripe is an omnichannel payment processing service that includes both a credit card payments gateway and API for processing payments across different channels, like WooCommerce, BigCommerce and 3dcart shopping carts. It’s user-friendly for new online sellers yet advanced enough for developers and larger businesses.

Stripe’s fees start at just 5 cents per transaction for brick-and-mortar sales and 2.7% of total order value when processing online orders – making its rates comparable with those offered by other payment-processing services. Furthermore, Stripe offers additional features to help run your business more efficiently such as custom gift cards, tax calculation tools, identity verification services and identity authentication services that come at additional transaction costs but may prove invaluable if selling high-value items.

Mobile Shopping Cart

As a business owner, adding mobile shopping cart to your website is crucial. By doing so, you can sell directly on marketplaces and social media, expanding your reach even further. Plus, with internet connectivity everywhere around you, your store is accessible anytime of the day or night!

Weebly’s fully integrated checkout process enables shoppers to remain on your site throughout their payment transaction, helping to maintain brand recognition and boost conversion rates. Unfortunately, one downside of using Weebly is that funds may take up to 7 days to appear in your account.

Stripe offers various tools and features to assist your business’ growth, such as fraud protection and recurring payments. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface requires minimal technical expertise or external resources for use.

One key feature is its capacity to calculate taxes at the city, state, and provincial levels for US and Canadian merchants – saving both time and money as well as alleviating the headache of researching and maintaining tax information. Furthermore, this feature helps ensure compliance with local laws.

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