Weebly is an extremely user-friendly website builder. They provide extensive tutorials to assist newcomers.

Our customer support service is also readily available during normal business hours.

Weebly recently joined forces with Square, an ecommerce operation. You must update your login details from within your dashboard.

1. Go to weebly.com

Weebly is an easy and accessible website builder that empowers users to easily create websites without prior programming knowledge or experience. This tool offers drag-and-drop templates as well as features like drag-and-drop functionality for building and editing pages quickly with the Weebly Editor, before clicking “Preview” to review their finished work for any errors before launching their website.

Weebly is designed for simplicity, featuring intuitive drag-and-drop editors that provide a great user experience. It’s an excellent solution for anyone wanting to quickly build professional-looking sites; plus it includes some useful free features, such as custom domain registration and e-commerce integration – but unfortunately doesn’t offer live chat support or phone assistance.

Weebly offers multiple templates from which to select, making layout and design changes flexible enough for small businesses. Furthermore, all plans include a complimentary SSL certificate, while its sites are mobile optimized.

If you are having trouble logging in, it could be your browser. Try switching to Incognito mode or clearing your cache to see if this fixes the issue. If it still doesn’t, contact Weebly’s customer service team by email – they can assist with solving your issue as well as provide temporary login links if needed.

2. Enter your email address and password

Weebly is a website builder that allows users to easily build and customize websites. Basic use is free; paid plans provide advanced features. In addition, Weebly also features ecommerce capabilities utilizing Square payments; its templates and features help users craft unique sites tailored towards promoting personal brands or businesses.

Weebly provides password-protection for pages and folders on your website, which can help keep certain areas private; such as video tutorials that only paying members have access to. Furthermore, Weebly features a blog feature where articles or posts can be added directly onto your page.

Note that Weebly does not backup your content, meaning if something goes missing from your site by accident you won’t be able to easily recover it. Therefore it is highly advisable that you always keep a copy on your computer in case something unexpected happens and requires editing.

When using shared hosting accounts, it’s advisable to create a separate email address for Weebly in order to avoid sharing login credentials with other people. In cases when sharing is unavoidable, give them only editor access so as to prevent accidental deleting or irreversible changes being made by their actions.

3. Click “Log in”

On Weebly’s login page, you will be asked for your email address and password. If your site is linked with either Facebook or Google accounts, simply use those accounts instead by clicking their buttons located to the left of the login box.

Once logged in, your Weebly dashboard will appear. From here you can add and edit website content as well as configure its menus and access account settings and track website traffic.

Your Weebly account can be customized by setting its title, favicon and background image – creating a one-of-a-kind look! Additionally, select from various themes available in terms of style and color to make it appear more professional.

If you are unhappy with Weebly, you can close your account by selecting “Cancel Account” in the Account settings page. Once confirmed, be certain that you’re ready to move forward without Weebly before doing this.

Deleting your Weebly account is a straightforward process. Simply click your name in the upper-right corner of your dashboard, select “Account,” and click on “Delete My Account.” After that, a button to do just that can be found beneath your profile – this will erase everything related to you and any information or media you’ve added – including websites you created or any extra media or third-party apps created on Weebly.

4. Click “Settings”

The Settings Tab allows you to manage the way that your website appears to visitors and search engines, including both basic and advanced settings, such as title of site, website address and more. Adopting these strategies will make your website look better and more professional to visitors.

For accessing your Weebly account’s settings, simply click the gear icon in the top right corner and select “Settings.” There, you can view and edit general website data; change email and password credentials as well as view site analytics.

Your Weebly account can also be deleted; however, doing so will also remove all content on your website. However, a backup should still be kept just in case you decide to re-create your site in the future.

Since Weebly recently merged with Square, it’s wise to check your email inbox and see if any emails regarding their merger arrived in there. If they did, logging in should be normal; otherwise something may be interfering with it such as browser extensions or antivirus software preventing login attempts. To troubleshoot this issue further, try logging back in or switching browsers before reaching out to your host to resolve this problem.

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