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Five Reasons Why Shared Webhosting Can Boost Small Business Startups


When you start a business, your greatest wow moment would be the time when you land your first client. This is the dream of many entrepreneurs and business start-ups. In this age where everything is going digital and everyone is on a computer looking at what is creating the buzz online, it would be foolhardy to think that operating a brick and mortar store without having an online presence will win you sales.

Being online means different things to different people. Some people think that being online means having an awesome website that has all the modern and flashy features while others feel that being online has to do with your visibility. While both arguments could be valid, being online is much more than being visible and owning a great site. It is rather a sum total of so many factors that together create an air of authority around your business and its products.

One of the components that is usually ignored by many business especially start ups is the power of good webhosting services. Webhosting has a lot to offer than just acting as a platform to launch your site. It is understandable that small businesses may not have much capital dedicated to payment for hosting services. This is precisely why shared webhosting could be a perfect pick for such businesses.

The Cost Element

Dedicated servers or cloud hosting are very appealing and excellent platforms for hosting your site. The only factor that can hinder you from doing that is the cost aspect. As earlier said, a start up business needs to manage its costs well. This is primarily because of the limited resources available at its disposal and the risk profile that it has at this stage in its lifecycle.

Shared hosting can therefore provide a less costly atmosphere where the business can grow and deepen its roots. Because of the shared functionalities, costs are spread throughout the users on the platform meaning everyone only contributes a small bit of the total cost. This can give your business a financial reprieve.

Economical Use of Server Space

At the startup stage, businesses usually have few files that they need to upload online. This means that the server space they require to do so is minimal. Shared hosting has the advantage of giving each of the businesses a sizeable space that can accommodate such uploads without feeling disadvantaged. In essence the businesses pay for what they use. This is very economical to start ups as it means that only a fraction of their budgets will be dedicated to hosting and still reap optimal benefits.

Convenience through Managed Services

Shared webhosting services are managed by experts on behalf of the site owners. The managers are experts who have the skills necessary to troubleshoot and debug the hosting platform thereby giving the business start ups an easy time and unlimited convenience in running their sites. They do not have to worry about what goes on at the server backstage because their interaction is conveniently limited to the end user functionalities. This will also eliminate the need to hire the services of a server administrator which could potentially strain the financial reservoirs of these businesses.

Ability to Customize Your Site

A shared webhosting service gives you a unique ability to customize the appearance of your site thereby granting you a sense of ownership. Through an easy-to-use and well documented control panel, shared hosting services put you at the cockpit of your site management. Through the control panel, you can change the theme of your site, upload files and make any preferential amendments.

With the onset of search engine visibility and the importance that it has in business, many of these control panels nowadays come with updated functionalities that can enable you check the online traffic statistics of your website.

Customer Support

Apart from the convenience and freedom that comes with managed server functions, customer support is also another factor that can be of great assistance to your start-up. There are times when you experience either server or site related problems. If not attended to in time, these issues can occasion bounce rates and consequently lead to loss in business. The customer support system of most shared hosting services provides valuable assistance to enable you get through such technical occurrences.

Depending on your business requirements, there are lots of shared web hosting features that you can benefit from. Maximize on these to give your business visibility and authority online.

Author bio:

Barbara Evans is a server technician. He has spent most of her career on the customer end of business support systems. His wealth of knowledge has benefited lots of startups and established companies. You can see some of her contributions at ipage ratings.


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