WooCommerce allows merchants to offer discounts by creating pricing rules. One such pricing rule could help create discounts.

With this type of discount, you can automatically offer discounted product pages without needing coupon codes. It’s particularly helpful when making significant discounts across all categories or collections.

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions are powerful features that allow you to take swift and precise actions on multiple records at the same time, for example by bulk deleting accounts that no longer apply, adding team members all at once, updating information across several records simultaneously and more complex tasks like creating or updating product variations and attributes in your store.

This plugin makes it possible to easily and rapidly edit pricing across your WooCommerce store in bulk. To get started, navigate to your WordPress dashboard’s CSP page and select your store before clicking “Edit Pricing.” Here, you can choose sections, users, roles or groups whom you would like to apply the price edit, set regular and sale prices per filtered category as well as choosing a discount type.

Offering bulk discounts can be an excellent way to entice customers to buy multiples of one product. For instance, offering discounts when customers purchase 50 or more t-shirts can help drive more sales in your store. To create bulk discounts for specific products follow these steps:

Percentage Discounts

Percentage discounts are easy for customers to understand, making any lower-than-expected price seem much more reasonable. Discounts can be used in various ways: to encourage sales, to promote seasonal offers or simply as an inventory control mechanism.

WooCommerce makes setting up percentage discounts easy. There are various methods available, from creating a cart subtotal rule that automatically applies a discount rule, or applying individual product discounts individually in orders. Applying one will impact every product in your cart; for more precise targeting you can create separate rules which only apply to certain products or categories of products.

Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce is an effective tool for creating these rules easily, providing dynamic percentage discounts, bulk discounts and BOGO offers with ease.

Once the plugin is activated and installed, navigate to the Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing page of your WordPress dashboard and click “Add New Rule.” Fill in all fields relating to your new discount rule; start with providing its name, priority and description before choosing “Condition Link” and applying any restrictions or conditions as desired for it.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are one of the most powerful tools for drawing customers to an online store, driving conversions and increasing sales. Coupons can be used to promote specific items or groups of them and displayed prominently on product pages, product details pages and cart checkout to encourage shoppers to spend more.

To enable coupons on your WooCommerce store, navigate to Settings General and check “Enable coupon code discounts”. Once enabled, choose from either percentage discounts, fixed cart discounts, or product-level discounts and specify their respective values for discounts.

Your coupon could also offer free shipping as a powerful incentive for customers, leading to more conversions. Finally, set an expiry date so only certain customers may use it multiple times before it becomes invalidated.

The last tab in the Coupon Data Section allows you to set Usage restrictions for your coupons, a crucial step that protects customers from abusing and overusing discounts by purchasing too many of your products at once. Two available options include Minimum spend and Maximum spend: one sets an absolute spending minimum while the second limits how much a single user can spend with any one coupon at one time.

Activating a Discount

Create discounts that keep customers coming back is one way of keeping them engaged with your website and buying from it, but making sure these discounts actually apply when customers check out is just as crucial if cart abandonment rates reach 69% – this is where discount codes come into play and must be applied correctly or customers may abandon their carts altogether! Creating discounts that meet customer expectations can ensure their orders go through and customers stay at your website longer, leading them to complete them successfully and complete orders faster.

One way to ensure this happens is with the help of a WooCommerce Discount Code plugin, which enables you to create pre-scheduled coupons that can be activated at checkout. Not only can this give your customers access to coupon codes, but you will have full control over when and how these discounts will take place – right down to individual product levels!

To do this, navigate to Marketing – Coupons on your WordPress dashboard and click the Add coupon button. Here, you will be able to enter the name and details for the new coupon along with any general data needed for price rules. Afterward, set a condition for discounts (e.g. calculating as a percentage of cart subtotal) as well as select when the coupon should expire.

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