Logging in to a Shopify store is easiest using an internet browser on a desktop computer or via the Shopify app on tablet and mobile devices, although some stores may require no login at all depending on their owner.

To get started, enter the store address into one of the links provided and follow the instructions to log in.

Signing in

As a Shopify store owner, logging in to the Shopify admin is quick and simple, providing access to key functions essential to running your stores – such as controlling stock levels or communicating with staff members.

As a customer of your Shopify store, signing in as an easy process. You can access it using Facebook login, Google account or email address – two-step authentication can even be set up as an extra layer of protection – though this feature is optional it’s certainly recommended as it helps protect your account and saves you from hacking attempts.

Customers can access their profile data, past orders and saved addresses through Shopify accounts. Customers may use these accounts to repurchase from your store in the future. If your store requires customers to create accounts directly themselves, direct invitations can be sent in the Shopify admin to create accounts themselves.

To access your Shopify dashboard on mobile, download and install the free Shopify app. When installed, tap its icon to launch it; enter your email address and password associated with your Shopify account to sign in; if having difficulty, clear browser cache/cookies if possible or contact Shopify’s support team for help.

Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your password, there are a few steps that can help reset it. First, enter your email address and click “Reset Password”, after which a link will be sent directly to you that once clicked will set a new one automatically – change this regularly as a precaution against hackers who attempt to gain entry to your account.

If your store employs multiple staff members, resetting their passwords through Shopify Admin site is simple and effective. Simply log into your Shopify Admin account, go to Plan and Permissions > Staff option, select one or more members of staff from Staff option then “Email Instructions,” so they receive instructions on how to change their password via email.

Change your password frequently when maintaining the security of your Shopify store, using a mixture of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. A strong password should include upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and special characters for added strength and avoid passwords that are easy to guess or are based on personal details or pop culture references. Finally, ensure you always change it whenever leaving an office or working from home in order to protect both your business as well as customers’ data.

Forgot your store link?

Shopify is an intuitive e-commerce platform that makes creating professional online stores simple for anyone, including first-time e-commerce entrepreneurs and small business owners. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it the ideal platform for novice entrepreneurs and experienced small business owners alike, and includes features such as an integrated POS system and payment gateway to streamline your store management. If you’re having trouble signing in to Shopify, try clearing your browser cache and cookies – this may solve temporary access issues to your account on Shopify.

Logging into your Shopify store from a desktop computer requires entering both your email address and password in the appropriate fields. Alternatively, the app on your smartphone provides more convenient access to your account while on-the-go.

To access your Shopify store on mobile device, first download and install the Shopify app from your device’s app store. When open, click “Store,” enter your email address and password and log in as usual – you will then be able to see all products and collections available in your store and share product pages through social media platforms.

Resetting your password

If you’re having difficulty accessing your Shopify store, resetting its password may be the answer. Resetting can help safeguard against hackers and other security risks; simply visit the password reset page of Shopify website, enter your email address, click “Reset Password,” and follow the instructions sent via email on how to change it.

Keep in mind that only store owners have access to changing or resetting passwords of their own accounts; they can, however, reset those of staff members as well. If you are having difficulty changing or resetting your password, try clearing your browser cache and cookies – this may help address many issues preventing accessing Shopify accounts.

Once logged into your Shopify store, it’s essential that your account information remains safe. In order to do this, it’s necessary to create a password that is difficult for anyone else to guess; avoid words or phrases, personal data, and patterns which are easily recognized as passwords. Furthermore, regularly changing it is also key as it prevents suspicious activity in your account; for any issues please reach out to Shopify Inc’s support team as they can quickly help address issues quickly.

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