Many small businesses think they have a good grasp of digital marketing, but they don’t. They have a little understanding of what it is, how to do it, and what it can achieve. Marketing in all forms is getting more and more sophisticated, and as such is getting to the point where it’s becoming unknowable to those people who have other business priorities. If you’re a business owner, you simply don’t have the time to keep up with the whacky world of marketing. That’s why we’re here. Take a read of some sophisticated marketing strategies below, and use them as a basis for your campaigns moving forward.

Following the Trends

Online marketing is an ever changing game, and if you’re not staying on top of all the changes, then you’ll be in danger of falling behind. It’s not just about seeing what’s hot right now; in fact, if everyone’s doing it now then it’ll likely be obsolete soon. If you want to get your marketing just right, you need to see what the next great trend is. For instance, if you’re a regular reader of marketing blogs then you’ll know that video will be the next great marketing medium. People are watching videos more than ever, and it’s expected to grow in the coming years. Time to start investing in those reels!

Merging Worlds

There’s no logical reason why you should be treating your offline marketing completely differently than your online marketing. The way people interact with both is different, but you’re still marketing to the same entity: people in your demographic will be using the web and exist in the real world, so why act like they’re not the same? If you have a well-established offline marketing strategy, then use an E-Web digital agency to add an online sparkle and bring a level of cohesion between the two strategies. You can build them independently of one another, but they should at least be talking to one another.

Getting Personal

It’s time to get personal with your customers. You have a wealth of information about your clients; it’s up to you to try to make sense of it and offer them deals and products based on the information you have. Did you know that Amazon’s ‘recommendations’ – which are tailored to the user’s searches and past purchases – accounts for 30% of its revenue? That’s mind-boggling. Get to know your customers better, and you could see similar results.

Finding Your Niche

It’s understandable that a company would look at the online market and be clueless as to where they should start. That’s why you’ll see many choosing a niche market. You can offer your products far and wide, but it can be beneficial to have a specific demographic that will bring in customers who are more interested, more passionate about what you do.

The Human Brain

Finally, remember this: you’re marketing to the human brain, and those things are pretty crazy. Because attention spans have effectively fallen through the floor, you’ll need your marketing short, snappy, and easy to follow!


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