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IoT and DeepAttacks may be the biggest security threats in 2019


CyberSecurity Research says, IoT and DeepAttacks could be the biggest security threats in 2019

We can expect to see much more of these malicious DeepAttack types online next year. According to a new Avast report, more than one million malicious files a day and more than two billion attacks a month are used.

Avast says that hackers will use AI’s powers much more in 2019, putting DeepAttacks at the forefront. With DeepAttacks, hackers use contents generated by AI to avoid AI security checks. Do you know that Obama’s fake video? Something similar.

Avast also points his fingers to smart home devices, in addition to DeepAttacks. Smart home appliances are said to be almost inevitable in the coming years, and cybersecurity in these devices is an afterthought, almost by default, as hackers target the IoT.

Hackers are continuing to attack both routers and mobile devices.

The threat landscape is exponentially more complex and the attack surface available is growing faster than at any other time in the history of technology, “said Ondrej Vlcek, President of Avast’s Consumer Group.

“PC viruses have joined a multitude of malware categories that deliver more attacks, although still a global threat.

People acquire more and more connected devices, which mean that every aspect of our lives can be affected by an attack. Looking ahead to 2019, these trends point to an increase in threats due to these growing surfaces of threat. “


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