Home Technology Korean telcos are boosting 5 G competition by launching LG V50 ThinQ

Korean telcos are boosting 5 G competition by launching LG V50 ThinQ

launching LG V50 ThinQ

As the 5 G supremacy race is growing, SK Telecom, KT, and LG Uplus offer subsidies to customers to buy the LG V50 ThinQ 5G. South Korean telcos are adding 5 G subscribers to their marketing campaigns with the launch on Friday of LG V50 ThinQ5G.

SK Telecom offers up to 773,000 wins in subsidies; KT offers 600,000 wins and LG Uplus 570,000 wins to buy LG V50 ThinQ 5G.

The subsidies offered are significantly higher than those provided in early April for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5 G launch. SK Telecom offered 546,000 victories for the 5 G Smartphone, while KT offered 215,000 winning and LG Uplus 475,000 winning.

Compared with Galaxy S10 5 G’s 1,397 million, the V50 ThinQ 5 G will retail at 1,199 million, which is that LG’s offer is considerably cheaper for customers seeking 5 G trains.

The generous subsidies reflect telcos ‘ anxiety and their refusal to lose their current market share. Before these subsidy announcements, KT announced at the beginning of April that it would offer unlimited data plans for 5 G which would secure the most 5 G subscribers for the first month of the 5 G system.

In April, 260,000 5 G subscribers were secured by South Korea, with KT leading the pack with 100,000. SK Telecom CEO Park Jung-ho has since publicly stated that SK Telecom does not want to lose 50% of its market share.

Third-place LG Uplus has meanwhile been backlashed outside Seoul for poor service quality and has vowed to increase coverage with Samsung’s newly-supplied equipment.

Last year, South Korean telcos agreed to launch their 5 G networks simultaneously to avoid excessive competition. This fragile agreement, however, is unlikely to break down in the second half of the year with the release of more flagship smartphones.

LG Electronics, which has been in net for years and has continually lost market share in smartphones in his country, will win the escalating 5G race.


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