10 Must Mobile App for Digital Marketers

Useful marketing software is increasingly available in the form of apps, making tools and data readily available on the go. We need instruments for effective marketing. And you have to choose the best without money to burn, particularly if the majority of the digital marketers are free.

To increase your sales and ensure effective marketing, every business needs some tools and applications. Marketers simply have to choose the right app for their business according to their requirements.

Digital marketing has become one of the essential aspects of all business. Whether it’s a small business or a large business, every business must incorporate digital marketing strategies to engage the target audience better and create a customer relationship.

Here is the list of top 10 mobile apps that every digital marketer should use to grow their business and maintain a strong customer relationship.


Evernote is an application for task management. You can take notes, create lists and organize your teamwork through this app. It’s a quick-run app for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows users. The application is free of cost for limited use and offers paid services for extended use.


Skype is a communication application that is an expert on video chats and voice calls. Apps can be viewed on mobile devices, servers, laptops and tablets. It also offers messaging facilities to its consumers. The application has free and paid services. Users can chat with a maximum of 300 people in a single chat.


You can make professional images using this application. You can use this app on your cell phone or laptop. Canva has pre-built templates that users can use to create pictures. Users may also directly post the photo on various social media from your mobile device. The application has free and paid services. When a user wants a highly professional and creative image, he can use the Premium Tool to use all the pro templates to icons.


Periscope is a video streaming app for Android and iOS devices only. The app is only open to smartphone devices. Users may choose whether to make their video public or not or only want to share it with their friends.

5.Plagiarism Check

The increase in the use of the Internet has made it easier for marketers to plagiarize the work of others. It’s a very collaborative and easy application that gives its users complete privacy. The app has sophisticated algorithms that can only locate copied sentences but can also detect rearranged words or paraphrased sentences.


It is one of the most popularly known applications for handling social media accounts. The program is available for both online and smartphone users. Its main role is to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Users can also see and evaluate the outcomes of their actions. The buffer smartphone app is only available for iOS and Android users.

The app will only work as a downloaded extension for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

7.Facebook Ads Manager

You need a Facebook Ad Manager if you want to run Facebook or Instagram ads on your devices. This marketing app will help you schedule your posts, set budgets, track your ads, get updates on your mobile phone. The application is free to use.

8.Grammarly Keyboard

The Grammarly keyboard helps you to correct grammatical errors in your emails and documents. The app will show any mistake as soon as you type it. This will automatically search your posts for any correction of sentences, spelling errors or grammatical issues.

The app is entirely free, and you can use it on your phone in any setting. You may also add a chrome extension to search for errors in your docs articles as well.


Mention is designed to keep track of all your blog posts and social media. The app will contact you with day-to-day updates that everyone is talking about your company; what they’re thinking about your business, your social is talking about it. The app has both a free and a premium option. The free plan is suitable for smaller companies, while medium and large corporations may take advantage of a premium rate starting at $25 a month.


Storing files on your computer will take up your memory. Dropbox lets you upload all of your images, papers, videos, articles and every other file to it so that you can save your phone memory.

With these tools, you can create, edit, and track the success of your company on your phone. The free function of these tools allows you to experiment first and then invest accordingly.

As technology is evolving rapidly, retaining such resources will be of great benefit to digital marketers. The business may also recruit mobile app developers from popular sites to provide comprehensive feedback on their scores, reviews based on their needs and specifications.

Digital marketing is increasing and evolving, and there are some developments taking place regularly in the industry. Mobile marketers need to be aware of all the new developments and keep up-to-date with all smartphone devices.

With the help of these tools mentioned above, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and can also maintain a strong online presence.