Your banner advertisement may have a lot of views, but the real question is – does it have a high conversion rate? Keep this in mind: if there is no conversion, no profitable traffic is generated. In order to increase the conversion rate of your banner advertisement, you must instantly capture the attention of your target market before they click off the website. Your banner advertisement does not have to have a flashy imagery and bright colors because this does not necessarily guarantee conversion. In order to get your target market’s attention and motivate them to act, it is imperative to follow these helpful guidelines.

1.  Choose the right keywords to charm and influence your target market to click your advertisement.

2. Decide on where to put your advertisement on the page.

3.  Choose the right website to advertise your products and services. The key here is to research on your target market’s online behavior. Identify the websites they usually visit for news, social networking, travel and lifestyle.

4.  Decide on how much budget you are willing to spend on your advertisement.

5.  Always add a tracking source code on all your banner advertisements.

6.  Keep track of the frequency with which advertisements are displayed compared to the amount of clicks received in a specific campaign. Also remember the factors that would cause a low click-through rate – bad design, poor call to action, large image file size, advertisement contains too much information, bad display position on a page, and bad combination of website and banner advertisement.

7.  In order to increase the click-through rate, you may use Flash or JavaScript to make your banner advertisement animated with quality images and sound. However, you must be careful because rich media makes it hard for people to read the content displayed on the banner advertisement.

8.  Aside from using flashy images, you may also opt for a more subtle banner advertisement by making it look like as if it’s part of the website. The advertisement may still be an image, but to make it look more personal and informative, you can blend it into the website’s pages by being factual and relevant.

9.  Put humor on your banner advertisement. The web is already full of information and a little humor won’t hurt. To be unique, you can put funny calls to action and brand associations. This might even be more effective than rotating imagery and flashy execution.

Author: Ryan Yung
Ryan Yung is the founder of Innonline Solution. He is young entrepreneur who is passionate about Web Design and Development, Internet Marketing, and Project Management.

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