Have you been eagerly waiting to add Square as a payment option to your Weebly store, but can’t seem to find its stock? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many online merchants face the same dilemma, wondering why they can’t spot Square’s stock in their Weebly store. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this issue and explore some solutions that will help you seamlessly integrate Square into your online business. So let’s get started!

What is Weebly?

Weebly is a website builder that allows businesses to create and manage their own websites. Businesses can choose from a variety of templates and designs, or they can create their own. Weebly also offers ecommerce features, such as the ability to sell products and accept payments online.

Square is a payment processing company that allows businesses to accept credit and debit card payments. Square does not have its own website builder, but it does offer integration with Weebly. This means that businesses using Weebly can add Square as a payment option for their customers.

Why Does’nt Square Stock Show On Weebly Store?

There are a few potential reasons why your Square stock might not be appearing on your Weebly store. First, make sure that you have properly linked your Square account to Weebly. If you’ve done this and your stock still isn’t appearing, it’s possible that the product you’re trying to sell is out of stock in Square. You can check this by logging into your Square Dashboard and navigating to the Inventory section. If a product is out of stock, there will be a red “Out of Stock” label next to it. Finally, make sure that you have set up your products correctly in Weebly. Each product must have a name, price, image, and description in order for it to appear on your store.

The Different Types of E-Commerce Platforms

There are many different types of ecommerce platforms available to businesses today. The most popular platforms are those that offer a comprehensive suite of tools and services, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. These platforms provide businesses with everything they need to get started selling online, including a website builder, shopping cart software, payment processing, and customer management tools.

Other platforms focus on specific aspects of ecommerce, such as payments (Square), shipping (Shipstation), or marketing (Mailchimp). These platforms can be integrated with a comprehensive ecommerce platform or used as standalone tools.

Finally, there are also open source ecommerce platforms, such as PrestaShop and WooCommerce. These platforms allow businesses more flexibility in terms of customization and functionality, but require more technical expertise to set up and maintain.

Pros and Cons of using Square with Weebly

There are a few reasons why you might not want to use Square with Weebly. The main one is that it can be more expensive than other options. Square takes a 2.75% cut of every transaction, which can add up quickly, especially if you’re selling high-ticket items. And because Weebly doesn’t have its own built-in payment processing, you’ll also have to payWeebly’s standard 2% transaction fee on top of that.

On the upside, however, using Square can be a good way to get started with online payments without having to set up a separate merchant account. And because all of your transactions will be processed through a single system, it can make things simpler and more streamlined overall. If you’re just getting started with eCommerce, or if you don’t process a lot of transactions, Square could be a good option for you.

How to Use Square with Weebly

If you’re using Square to process payments on your Weebly site, you may be wondering why your transactions don’t appear in your Weebly Store. The reason for this is that Weebly doesn’t currently support integration with Square.

However, there is a workaround that will allow you to use Square with Weebly. You can add a “Buy Now” button to your Weebly site that links to a page on your Square site where customers can complete their purchase. To do this, simply follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Weebly account and go to the page where you want to add the “Buy Now” button.

2. Click on the “Add Elements” button and then select “Buttons” from the list of options.

3. Enter the text for your button and then click on the “Link” icon.

4. Paste the URL for your Square site into the “Link URL” field and then click on the “OK” button.

5. Save your changes and preview your site to make sure everything is working as it should.


After examining the various implications of why Square stock does not show on Weebly store, it is clear that there are a number of factors at play. Companies need to be mindful when choosing payment processing services and always ensure they have an up-to-date understanding of how their chosen provider works. Knowing what operates behind the scenes can help you understand why certain decisions may or may not be available, while also giving you more clarity when making decisions about your own business.

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