5 Employee Tracking Apps That Can Benefit Small Businesses In 2020

This article shares the top 5 employee tracking apps that are available on the market today to bring more benefits to your small businesses in 2020.

It is said that time is money, that is most important for small businesses. You don’t want to waste any time, including valuable working hours when you start up a small company. For time tracking and management, many systems are in place. Some manual methods are, however, not as effective as portable automatic systems.

While talking about portable time tracking systems, it means tracking applications for workers, which can be installed either on a smartphone or a laptop. There are different applications on the market today that can help you track work hours and movement of your employees.

There are people, depending on your needs, who offer a facial recognition clock, employee alerts if they forget to clock in, or even integrate payment. Here are some of the top employee tracking apps on the 2020 market today.


Timesheet is probably one of the oldest and most popular time tracking apps. It’s a simple version of the desktop site. Since it’s a free app, you need to make some compromises.

Nonetheless, it’s a good app for someone running a small company and interested in tracking downtime for employees on a smaller scale, such as a project. The tools available include tracking of tasks, making notes, and adding breaks.

It’s a small-scale business owner app that isn’t looking for complicated or premium features.

If you have trouble choosing the right app for your business, consult the index time clock for professional advice.


Timedoctor is a monitoring software for your employees that allows you to track your working time.

This app gives you an X-ray view of what your workers are during work hours, details of websites they visit, time is taken for every work job, and even the GPS location of the employee.

One of the advanced features includes a screenshot which also integrates employees’ mouse and keyboard strokes. This is one of the best features if your team is remotely based.

It also allows you to create a payroll inside the app. This app comes for $9.99 per user in a single pricing plan. You can also check out the 14-day trial to find out if Timedoctor fits you well.

The two most popular apps on the market today are Husbtaff and Timedoctor. Study the benefits of using these applications in this article from Hubstaff vs. Timedoctor.

3.Hub staff

Hubstaff is a time-tracking app for managers and company owners who want to understand how their business is going. Hubstaff tracks time, mouse and keyboard use to produce an activity rate, and collects optional screenshots to allow business owners to display a job as necessary.

The application has a desktop version with GPS tracking and geofences. It helps the team to start and stop monitoring time automatically as you reach or exit those workplaces. This makes timesheets and job tracking more effective. The free version of Hubstaff for solo freelancers starts at $5 per month.

Although tracking features may seem burdensome, it is an excellent app for business owners who want to understand better how the work progresses or how the teams operate.


You can monitor your own or your employee’s activities, and time is taken for any project for nine dollars a month. Toggl is one of the most common applications because it is effortless to use and simply double click to measure the time spent on a project. This has additional features such as project management technology integration and hundreds of online applications.

Time tracking is particularly useful for workers if you do it on the fly and nothing better than dedicated employee monitoring applications.

If you have better employee tracking apps that you already use in small businesses, make it faster and more comfortable, please comment below.


EmpMonitor is an employee management software which provides companies of all kinds with excellent monitoring solutions and protection. It comes with great features that help companies measure their employees ‘ productivity, especially remote teams.

Using this incredible tool, you can track your employees ‘ behavior in working hours without being visible from anywhere. You can also receive snapshots of the screen for your employees, a list of visited URLs, keystrokes, and user logs.

Besides, you can monthly evaluate the performance of your employees as an EmpMonitor skilled in producing reports in the form of easily understood graphs and charts. You can set the length according to your needs and streamline the procedure.

To ensure that both small and large businesses can use the EmpMonitor and storage problems will not be a concern, the tool saves all cloud data. You don’t have to invest in the purchase of extra space.

It’s an incredible software with all the advanced features that not only help businesses, but also employees assess their development.

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