All successful marketing campaigns, whether online or not, have one characteristic in common; they are very good at getting attention of their respective audiences. No matter how much you spend on your marketing campaign, it will be considered a failure if it doesn’t arouses any interests amongst its viewers. In this article you will find some useful tips on how to get this attention and turn your Facebook ads campaign in to a super successful online marketing strategy.

  • Go billboard style:

We all have seen billboards and we all have experienced their power of turning heads. Billboards are colorful, dynamic and appealing. Over the years, marketers have targeted huge billboards for promoting their products and most of them have seen impressive gains in product sales. We can take a clue from this and use it to our advantage in Facebook ads. While designing your advertisement for Facebook, make sure you follow a design that makes it an attention grabber. Rich colors and borders can be used to direct the user’s attention to the side bar where your ad is displayed. Try to run multiple ads of a single product on the same ad campaign, this will make your ads more dynamic and will prevent the entire ad campaign from getting stale.

  • Be true to your audience, gain their trust

Your advertisement acts as the doorway to your product. It is very likely that any Facebook user who clicks on your ad will first read the text, take a look at the picture and after getting interested will click on the advertisement. If on the landing page he doesn’t find the product or product specifications mentioned in the advertisement, you will lose this potential customer and he may never get converted in to a lead or a paying customer. To drive more traffic, some marketers use false advertising measures like dubious product description and irrelevant product images. By adopting such measures they might be able to get more traffic to their site but they will never be able to do business with these visitors. In the long run, it’s going to damage your company’s image and reputation. In worst case scenarios, you can even face some legal issues for violation of code of conduct and marketing ethics. You should avoid resorting to such measures and provide accurate details and images of your product in the advertisement. This way you will gain trust of your audience and your ad will get more attention on its future impressions.

  • Design your ad by keeping your audience in mind

People have different styles and different tastes. While some like rich bright colors, others prefer light shades. Some may go for heavy metal while others may select slow classical. Any demographic can be easily categorized on the basis of such factors. Facebook ads are all about targeted advertisement, so the concept of selective demographics is of prime importance. While designing your ads you must consider the thought process of your targeted audience and mould your ad according to their mindset. This way your ad will generate more attention from its selective audiences.

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Matthew Anton is an expert in online marketing campaigns and works as a consultant in an advertising firm. He has written and published several articles on conceiving and optimizing Facebook Ads.

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