The Latest Trend in SEO to Increase Your Sales

If your strategy doesn’t change significantly even after years of content, it is essential to make some changes by adapting to the current trend.

Many claimed at the beginning of 2016 that SEO (optimization of search engines) is no longer as effective as it was years later. Yes, some people just went so far as to speculate that’s it’s dying.

Search engines say otherwise.

Although SEO has been bombarded with many problems in the past, mostly due to unethical practices, it survived. When done correctly, SEO activities would pay off and eventually convert to sales.

This is exactly why some companies, mainly the services offered by a digital agency in the Philippines, are outsourcing. When recruiting professionals, managers of businesses do not have to do their job. Although the decision to hire another party is generally a good one, it can also be a disadvantage, especially if the competences of the SEO specialists are not taken into consideration.

Skilled search engine optimization experts don’t just rely on their work satisfaction. They keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry, such as the following:

The dominance of long-form content

This trend is basically a recurring one because it once regulated the online marketing strategy of significant websites. A few years ago, it changed significantly to support shorter, more direct-to-point material. The change has been due to the shorter attention span of readers who prefer to get information as quickly as possible.

Although this kind of approach is still commonly practiced at present, there is once again a substantial difference identified by experts across the web. Readers are now back in search of longer posts, as they are likely to have more information and more detailed explanation on topics of interest.

Shorter content, which has received broad attention from online users, is now struggling to build its reputation. It is due to the growing number of concise content that only serves as a reshuffling of articles that have already been published elsewhere. As a result, they lack something new to offer readers, ultimately hurting their ability to share and perform.

Besides, online readers are now looking for a one-stop answer to their questions. The longer the post, the greater the chance for online users to provide answers will be considered relevant to their needs.

Focus on social media and blog sharing

Social media has also been the driving force behind any online marketing campaign. In reality, you might conclude that any promotional campaign would not be a complete success in the absence of a social media marketing plan to improve its reach.

The current and upcoming trend for 2017 is seen to be even more focused on boosting brand awareness of social media and enhancing the type of content shared on each platform.

By recreating content to be social media-friendly, marketers will have more control in selling their products to more people.

Shift to a more mobile-friendly approach

My friend at Quikclicks stated, “There is no denying how online marketing strategies have now shifted to ensure that their materials are available through various mobile devices. This is evident in the emergence of mobile applications designed to provide a solution to a particular issue.”

Content providers must work on mobile metrics in the promotion of a product. Millions of people from all over the world have access to knowledge by using their mobile devices. The inability to make one’s content compatible with a variety of devices can mean a lost opportunity to sell.

The rise of videos as the new master of content

We’ve all been talking about content, but what’s going on? The response may differ depending on the platform you use, but one thing is sure is the projected increase in video creation for the coming year.

Many analysts are forecasting videos to own 80 percent of the total online traffic channel by 2019, which could entail a lot of changes to the company’s current marketing strategy.

Advertisements in print and picture formats are seen to evolve and be more video-focused. Apart from their visual and auditory appeal, videos are also proud to be the most memorable type of content given the short duration of their airing.

Besides, there are related obstacles to its success. Small and start-up companies, for example, can find it challenging to invest in videos due to their considerable costs. Their current budget plan may limit their creativity and will most certainly affect the quality of their videos.

As for larger, more developed businesses, the message itself is a challenge. How can they make a thirty-second video while keeping their branding solid? Even with seasoned marketers on board, this remains a huge challenge.

Polishing or updating of older content

Although a lot of websites are being created on a regular basis, there are popular websites that have been operating for many years. Instead of creating a brand new one, the operators of these sites would tend to recalibrate the type of content they offer to maintain the traffic and subscribers they have acquired over the years.

A good way to keep the web updated and up-to-date for both current and new followers would be to search through older posts and refresh previous ones that you posted by adding more original content.

Case studies and analysis will be a perfect example. If you wrote something about the research two years ago, there is a fair possibility that a new analysis has been done and that a different result has been achieved. In this case, it is acceptable to update the post by adding the most recent findings you have made on the subject.

When not, it would shift the presentation style. If you’ve created a list post in the past, it might be a right call to change it to an infographic, slideshow or animated video. There is a huge possibility that newer subscribers may have missed their content. It may as well be re-introduced to them.

Killer’s headlines and meta descriptions still matter

There was no substitute for a compelling headline. It goes beyond just loading the title with keywords in SEO. It also means making the title creatively and concisely in a way that allows readers to click and read the full material.

The same goes for meta definitions. When, before it worked exclusively for housing optimization, the main keywords used in the article are now listed. Readers will most likely read the description in the search engines first before clicking on the title. A good meta description is going to get the job done.

Rise of voice command or search feature

Virtual assistants are nothing new. A lot of them have become popular with apps and have proven to be of real benefit, particularly to working professionals who juggle multiple tasks at once.

When it comes to sales, the use of voice command search tools on company applications and even websites is seen to be a crucial factor in gaining the good graces of the customers. While it may not prove to be very efficient for small businesses, it is expected that large corporations will be engaged in a real battle between their equally strong competitors. They have to live up to their reputation, after all. To be on top requires higher expectations from loyal customers, and this feature is seen as a benefit to be ahead of the rest.

Wise and correct usage of both free and premium SEO software

Any search engine optimization strategy will not be as effective in the absence of advanced tools designed to help SEO specialists automate a lot of their tasks. However, a significant part of the actual SEO process remains in the hands of the people using the tool.

In the past, Google has penalized many websites for unethical practices and failure to comply with the guidelines for optimization. Use specialized software when not adhering to Google’s defined guidelines is a sure invitation for a penalty. When this happens, your website and ultimately your sales are going to take a blow.

Today’s trend has seen a more diligent and prudent use of these materials as a means of improving the overall efficiency and traffic of the site.

Promoting online content has now become deemed commonplace, and all successful businesses, both experienced and start-up, will benefit from the wise use of digital platforms. However, it is also important to remember that while many companies have attempted to build online campaigns and advertising materials, not everyone has been successful.

Unlike every other program, digital marketing has its rules-policies that are subject to adjustment in accordance with emerging developments and changes in practice.

Whether you’re just starting your business or planning to recalibrate an existing campaign, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of how websites work and the role of social media marketing in your overall efforts.

Bottom line

SEO has survived over the years and is projected to continue to play a crucial role in ranking websites. Sales growth is a by-product of a good SEO strategy. If you don’t see a major shift in your strategy even after years of content delivery, it would be important to make some changes by adapting to the current trend.