Social media is a must for any small business. When it comes to marketing, many smaller enterprises want to ensure that they are maximising their social media platforms. But, social media can be an excellent tool for improving the customers overall experience. Of course, sharing content, images and guides is a must. But, also ensuring that you are seen as a positive and proactive business, when it comes to dealing with customer issues, is a must.

After all, burying your head in the sand or becoming embroiled in customer negativity can hinder your businesses success.

There are some things that you need to embrace when it comes to customer service and social media. Yes, bad press can be a little concerning. But, if you get a dreaded customer complaint in a public space, it can be a good thing. Of course, it can only be a positive thing if you are seen to be handling the complaint well.

Let’s see how you can improve your customer service by using social media.

Embracing the Negative Comments

Okay, so reading a tweet or comment on your social media that represents your company in a negative way can be devastating. It’s time to strip the emotion out of this. What has your company done to make a customer feel undervalued? You need to make sure that you are rectifying this. After all, the public space of social media can be a positive tool. Addressing the issue and making changes is imperative. Damage limitation is a must. But, it also gives you the chance to make your business look fantastic. Turning a moaner into a brand advocate is a must.


Putting the Customer First

Your social media platforms are great acquisition tools. But, according to the guys at Infocus Law Marketing you need to make sure that you are monitoring your social accounts. Google Alerts is free. But, there are many agencies that will monitor your social media on your behalf, if you don’t have a digital guru in your company. Making sure that you have keywords in place is smart too. Social Mention is free and is an excellent tool to have. It acts as a listening device. So, you can ensure that you are monitoring the attention that you are receiving. Make sure that you respond to negative and positive comments. After all, those that are complimentary of your business need love too.

Don’t Ignore Social Media

Facebook can be tough to track. Especially when people leave long-winded comments. Make sure that you are checking in on a regular basis and keeping up to date with what people are saying. Do be sure to not get into arguments with trolls. After all, the internet is full of people who like to moan without due cause!

Think Before You Speak (or Type!)

Thinking about your reaction is imperative. Be friendly, affable and try to get involved with the problem. Being friendly and polite is imperative. It makes you look human. But, do make sure that you are offering a response publicly and a resolution. Then, take the issue offline and follow up with a call. You don’t need to talk about discounts, financial remuneration and free goods in the public space. You will end up giving away your profits!

Customer service is a must. Think about your next steps and make your customers, both potential and existing, feel valued.


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